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skellige lublin

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Skellige. Lublin, ul. Poprzeczna 10A, Poland
Phone (0048) 81-524-12-52
Phone (0048) 604-904-413
E-mail: skellige@op.pl
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About Skellige

Welcome to the SKELLIGE Poland FCI registered with the Polish Kennel Club recognised by the FCI.
We have been running this small, family kennel for 10 years.
Currently, we have 3 pugs, 6 papillons, and 1 sarplaninac.
Our dogs have excellent parentage. Their lineage includes excellent European lines, world winners, European winners, Inter Champions and Multi Champions. We only use the finest stud dogs from reputable kennels. All dogs bred by us and kept with our family have the titles of Champion or Inter Champion.
Dogs from our kennel live in many places in the world, which includes the US, Finland, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Italy.
We would like to offer to all breeders and exhibitors puppies selected in terms of their personality and their appearance.
Occasionally, we offer puppies at exceptionally attractive prices to the breed lovers not interested in showing their dogs, but who simply want to have a friend at home.  
We do not have puppies in continuous sale; our litters are occasional.
Our dogs have constant contact with the family members, go out for walks and are not kept in pens. The kennel is under constant care of best veterinarians from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Clinic of the University of Life Sciences in Lublin.
The dogs are healthy, well-groomed, happy, socialised. Before they change home, they undergo all necessary examinations and obtain a health certificate.
If you are interested in purchasing a dog from our kennel, please contact us at the given e-mail address. All your questions will be answered by the breeder via e-mail. Please include the following information in your message:
1. Short information about you and your family
2. Country and city/town of your residence
3. Contact details (telephone no., e-mail, address)
4. Your previous experience with this breed or dogs in general
5. Do you have any dog at your place already?
6. Why would you like to have a dog from our kennel?
We do not reply to e-mails or text messages which include only a question about the price of a dog!!!

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